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Introooo (Read 324 times)

I Love UWAdb

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Jun 02nd, 2011, 5:47pm
Hey I'm Daniel Deakin and I'm studying mechanical engineering and chemistry and I'm going into the new courses because I reckon they have a better set up for second majors. I found out about UWAdb via a friend, thank god too, seems like i've been missing out on a lot. err, my favourite colour is blue and my shoe size is 10 for all who care haha. I like cars, surfing and music. I'm here to find solutions to past papers for GENG1001, MATH1010, CHEM1001 and PHYS1101 and meet a few people on the way!
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Re: Introooo
Reply #1 - Jun 3rd, 2011, 12:52am
Hello Daniel! I assume you're a first year student? I assume you like the UWAdb colour scheme, since it's your favourite colour? Tongue (It's an incentive for you to post more on the forums!) Why do you think the new courses are any better than the current ones?

Anyway, as a first year engineering student, having a chance to network and go through issues regarding work and University-related studies can be a little difficult at times. Feel free to use the boards to post any issues and problems you have, but please, please, please try your best at attempting your solutions first and sharing your knowledge with other people who need help.

In addition to the academic-related boards, we've got community and social discussions which I strongly encourage you to participate in and contribute to. Whatever your interests, I'm sure we have a topic (somewhere) where you can discuss surfing, music, cars, or...well, anything really!

Other than that, I hope you enjoy your use of the forums. Please be polite to other members who might not necessarily agree with you and respect views that might seem stupid or unfounded to you.

If all this was TLDR, then:

Welcome to UWAdb!
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